Mid America Foundation’s Completed Projects

Supported camelid club projects at several veterinary colleges

Alpacas on Campus: Maintaining Teaching Herd at Kansas State since 2008

Veterinary Check List: Free to all - Posted on Foundation’s web site

Veterinary Student Camelid Externships: Awarded at the following Colleges:
K-State, U of Mo, OK State, Texas A&M, Uof Il ,IA State, U of GA, U of TN, U of MN

Funded On-Line Continuing Education: Over 55 Camelid Health Care Seminars available to practicing Veterinarians for continuing education credits

Distributed & Funded 500 Camelid Health Care Videos: Free to all

Provided Health Care Videos to every Small Ruminant Club in America: Free

Posted Alpaca 5 Health Care Videos on Foundation’s Web Site: Free to all

Marty Mc Gee Project: Every Veterinary College in America received The Camelid Companion & Two handling & Training Videos, Compliments of Marty & the Foundation

Access for Veterinary Students: In cooperation with K-State, Veterinary students at every Veterinary college in America can access free of Charge on- line education; included 55 plus seminars

New Text Program: Starting in 2013 all Camelid Externship recipients will receive Veterinary Techniques for llamas & Alpacas compliments of Foundation

Seminar Support: the Foundation has underwritten several Seminars for Veterinary students


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