Veterinary students get free access to on-line education

A dynamic program will now allow veterinary student at every Veterinary college in USA to have no fee, total access to Camelid Medicine on-line Seminars. This is the same 55 plus library of on-line seminars practicing veterinarians use to gain continuing education credits in camelid medicine. There is a fee for these practicing  veterinarians, as there is a registration fee of courses they take for credit. Llama and Alpaca Book

Externships added at University of Georgia and University of Minnesota Veterinary Colleges in 2014

Vet Students Get New Text

All MAAF Externship recipients from the class of 2013 forward will receive a complimentary copy of, Veterinary Techniques for Llamas & Alpacas, David E Anderson, Meredyth l Jones , Matthew Meisner.

Veterinary Student Alpaca Externships

The MAAF Student Externship Fund provides scholarship funding to second and third year vet students at Kansas State, University of Missouri, Texas A&M University, University of Illinois, Iowa State University, University of Tennessee and Oklahoma State University. These funds allow camelid focused students to expand their knowledge at different venues.

Although not a Foundation projects MOPACA has also sponsored scholarships at University of Missouri, Kansas State, Oklahoma State and University of Illinois for those second and third year students who have exhibited special interest in Camelids.

These scholarships are designed to encourage and introduce veterinary students to the care and treatment of camelids during their college experience. These students are the future of alpacas health care.

The Foundation has entered into a joint project with Marty McGee Bennett.

Marty McGee BennettThis partnership will provide two of Marty's dvd's on handling techniques and her book, The Camelid Companion to every Small Ruminant Club in America.

All twenty seven veterinary colleges have been included as we feel these resources have a powerful impact on veterinary students.

Marty's contribution to this program stands as one of the largest single gifts to the Foundation. If you own alpacas; thank Marty for her generosity and dedication to better health care through veterinary education. 

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